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“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”
When you are brave enough to find the answer, all that’s left is the painful release. But at least you are free from suffering.🙂


Hey ho! Happy weekend😀
Just feel like doing a quick post today, while also testing the android’s app for wordpress.
This evening I went to PVJ, Bandung, with some friends and we decided to try the new store which recently became famous, Calais Tea. The place was a little bit hard to find at first. It was on the uppest floor, across Blitz. They only sell beverages but they provide several tables and chairs for the customers. The decoration is quite lovely but I forgot to take a pic. My bad >.<
I usually order green tea latte but my friends already ordered Maccha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans so I got the Taro Milk Tea instead. The price on the menu already includes tax. Taro Milk Tea in regular size was 18000 IDR and the Maccha Milk Tea in large size was 24000. But I'll only review my drink.


The plastic glass is very cute with the mustache😉
My Taro Milk Tea was great. It’s not too sweet, and most of all it smells really good. You can recognize the smell of tea in it. Even so, I couldn’t really taste the taro and when I tried my friend’s maccha, it tasted like my taro too. Could it be because I sipped it directly after I sipped my taro?
But anyway, aside from the perfect sweetness the other thing that I like about Calais, which is also their unique selling point, is this one:


They put a handwritten word of wisdom at the back of the glass.
Word of wisdom is already a good idea, like a fortune cookies at Chinese restaurant. But handwritten too?! That is like a really awesome idea. It gives a personal touch, as if the waitress wrote the words especially for you. For that I give two thumbs up for Calais😉

Sometimes it’s hard to associate the word healthy with the word delicious, but this new snack in town will change your mind about that. Introducing: Fitbar, the healthy snack bar.

Fitbar is a snack which mostly contains oats, rice crispy, wheat flour, and soy nugget. It claims to have 0 cholesterol and 0 trans-fat and it comes with two variants: Nuts and Fruits. Thinking about it, I guess this is the first time I review two variants of a snack in one post. It’s because it doesn’t feel right to only review one😛

The Fruits Fitbar has pieces of raisins in it. You can smells the raisin flavour when you chew it. The bottom part of the bar is covered with some kind of layer made of milk, I suppose. I wanted to say white chocolate layer but I don’t find it in the ingredients so it’s not a white chocolate. Btw I first thought the layer is the upper part, that’s why I the picture is upside down >.<

Manufactured by: PT Tata Nutrisana, Tangerang, Indonesia
For: PT Sanghiang Perkasa, Jakarta 13910, Indonesia
Net weight: 25 g
Ingredients: Rice crispy, Sugar, High Fructose Syrup, Raisin, Oat, Vegetable Fat, Wheat Flour, Milk Powder, Soy Nugget, Isomalt, Glycerol, Flavors (Raspberry, Vanilla), Soy Lecithine, Minerals, and Vitamins
BPOM RI MD 627110045731

The other variant is Nuts Fitbar, which you can tell without even looking at the packaging because the whole bar tasted nuts (as in peanuts, not the nuts as in crazy nuts :lol:). Instead of raisins, it had pieces of nuts in it and also the milk layer. Even so, the milk layer in Nuts Fitbar is darker than the Fruits Fitbar, maybe because the Nuts contains cocoa powder and caramel. My friend said that the Nuts Fitbar tastes like a traditional snack called “teng-teng”. I didn’t realize it before she said so😛

Manufactured by: PT Tata Nutrisana, Tangerang, Indonesia
For: PT Sanghiang Perkasa, Jakarta 13910, Indonesia
Net weight: 25 g
Ingredients: Rice crispy, Sugar, High Fructose Syrup, Raisin, Vegetable Fat, Oat, Roasted Peanut, Roasted Chasew, Peanut Paste, Milk Powder, Wheat Flour, Soy Nugget, Isomalt, Glycerol,Cocoa Powder, Flavors (Vanilla, Peanut), Soy Lecithine, Guar Gum, Salt, Natrium Carbonate, Caramel, Minerals, and Vitamins
BPOM RI MD 627110046731

If I have to pick between these two, I must say…I can’t. I like both variants. that’s why I reviewed both of them now😀 The price for each bar is about 3200 IDR but there’s a promotion at Watson so I can get two for 4900 IDR only. I think the promotion is up until end of June so better grab it fast, folks😉

Today I want to review a product from an online cake shop from Bandung: Ribbon Story. Since their first opening, I’m interested in their unique products, such as cake in jars. It looks and sounds really tasty😀
But I never had a chance to put an order due to one and another thing, until a few weeks ago. For information, not so long before I ordered they launched a tea series cupcake. So of course, I had to try my favorite one, the green tea.

I ordered 1 dozen of green tea cupcake for Saturday and the package was delivered to my home by the owner herself. The cupcakes were in some kind of aluminium packaging, with a plastic cover and a cute paper like the one above.

The cupcake was pretty and the green tea smells nice. There’s also some sprinkles of green tea on the cream. But what I like most is that the cake is not too sweet. I told the owner about it and she confirmed that the cupcake is sugarless so we can eat it with no worried and guilts, which is great😀

If you want to know more about Ribbon Story or place an order, you can check them at or follow their twitter @ribbonstry🙂

Me and my friend were at the mini mart trying to find something refreshing at night. It’s pretty hot lately. We were about to pick a bottle of her favourite green tea drink when we found this on the rack below it. The packaging was so cute plus the price is lower than the first drink we were about to take, so we bought this instead. :p

Manufactured by: PT Futami Food & Beverages, Bogor 16730, Indonesia
Ingredients: Water, sugar, fructose, green tea leaves, peach concentrate, acidity regulator (citric acid, sodium citrate), flavour (peach, cooling), vitamin C, food colour caramel
BPOM MD 250128016093

There were two flavours: peach and lychee. I chose the peach while my friend took the lychee. At first, the drink tasted more like peach drink with no hint of tea. But when I have finished about 1/3 of the bottle, there’s some bitter taste. An after-taste effect maybe? Not sure, but it still feel nice and refreshing.

One bottle of 485 mL was 4400 IDR. Like I wrote above, it’s a bit cheaper than the similar drink from other brand. Btw, the manufacturer’s name doesn’t sound familiar. Are they new player in food and beverages business or is it just my ignorance?😛 Btw again, this is my first beverage review😆

To show off my minor Japanese language skill, the written above is read Jyuunana Ryokucha, meaning 17 Green Tea.😛

New product on the shelf, or at least it’s new when I found it last week (since this post is scheduled :P). This one is from Orang Tua, one of the big consumer product manufacturers in Indonesia. I was interested to buy this, didn’t even think twice, because it said “Crispy Cake” on the packaging. What’s crispy cake, right?
The answer can be found on the side of packaging. It’s written that this product was inspired by Mama Bene’s children who likes to eat the edge of a cake. This “Mama Bene” seems like a fictional character created so that the product has image as a home made. Bene is explained to be an abbreviation of ‘Benar-benar Enak’/really really delicious. I don’t know if there’s any other product that has been released under the image of Mama Bene?

Manufactured by: PT Ultra Prima Abadi, Jakarta 11850, Indonesia
Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil (palm oil), milk powder, corn starch, whey powder, maltodextrine, coconut milk, leavening agents (sodium acid pyrophosphate & sodium bicarbonate), salt, milk flavor, vanilla flavor, vanillin
BPOM RI MD 827110106583

I picked up vanilla caramel flavour but there’s also pandan caramel. One box contains 12 pieces of crispy cakes. Each piece looks like a cut from one loong line because the upper and bottom part are open..

The moment you open the package, you’ll immediately find a sweet smell of cakes. Even so, for me it tastes more like a soft biscuit instead of a cake. It’s pretty good but just a little bit too sweet. I imagine it will be good to eat with a cup of tea in the afternoon🙂

I bought this for 5200 IDR at Indomaret. They held a promo of ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ but I only grabbed one because I didn’t know the taste yet😛

Lately Jakarta has been sooo hot. Even though a few weeks ago rain poured down almost everyday, the weather has turned 180 degrees in just a few days. In such heat, what other snack would be better than ice cream😀
The one that I review now is my most favorite ice cream from Campina. I can almost buy this once a week, or even everyday because it’s only 3200 IDR😛

Manufactured by: PT Campina Ice Cream Industry, Surabaya 60293, Indonesia
Ingredients: water, sugar, coconut milk, chocolate coating, fermented black rice, skim milk powder, stabilizer, vegetable emulsifier, flavour, coloring brilliant blue Cl 42090, ponceau 4R Cl 16255
BPOM RI MD 205513143058

The ice cream is tape ketan hitam flavour, coated with chocolate. Ketan hitam is black rice. Tape ketan hitam is produced by fermenting black rice. The fermentation product contains alcohol.

In this ice cream, however, it feels more like plain black rice instead of fermented black rice. Besides it also has a halal logo so of course it won’t contain alcohol. Despite that I still like this ice cream more than its other flavour, kacang hijau (mung bean). Perhaps because it tastes sweeter than the mung bean flavour.🙂

  • blackcurrant: bener banget ini enak banget ahhahaha asli gile ajegile
  • orenazionale: kalo saya suka yang rasa durian..mungkin bagi yang gak suka durian bisa puyeng pas buka bungkusnya karena aroma duriannya menyengat banget :D
  • sita: rasanya enak bgt.....nih lg makan ga berhenti2,,,,